Mammon Machine, 2018
Mixed Media, found Material, wooden frame, measurement instruments
Public realm, RUB Bochum
Mammon Machine is an ongoing project that was first realized on the RUB Campus in Bochum. The machine deals with the collection of data as a tool for managing companies and institutions like universities, where important decisions are often made on the basis of abstract data. The Machine examines the relationship between the advantages and risks associated with data analysis - between Utopia and Dystopia. It consists of a cubical frame with a side length of 1,60m. Within this frame, the Machine contains found Material from the surroundings that are collected by people. Several different instruments, e.g., an anemometer, a Kinect 3D camera, and motion sensors measure the surroundings. The Machine collects this data with an unknown purpose. The small maintenance opening with a seat for one person highlights that this Machine is not for the people - the Machine works on its own. Inside the opening, different screens visualize the collected data. A sensor recognizes the presence of a person and triggers a dull click. The megaphone emits an alternating monotonous click and a breathing noise. The text All Data is equal on the outside LED display refers to George Orwells Animal Farm.