Bundesministerium für blühende Landschaften (BMBL)
Federal Ministry of blooming Landscapes, 2018

Performative installation 
When capitalist West-Germany reunified with the former socialist East Germany in 1990, the then-chancellor Helmut Kohl, in an attempt to appease fears about the economic future of a reunified Germany, infamously said that East Germany will be “all blooming landscapes” after the reunification. In hindsight, it is accepted knowledge that at the time of the statement, the government already knew of the drastic economic and societal challenges that the reunification would eventually bring. The artwork revisits this promise by setting up the new fictitious Federal Ministry for Blooming Landscapes. It is located in an empty shop in the East German city of Kitzscher, which is representative for a large number of East German cities in rural areas that are faced with population decline, economic plight, and vacant buildings. Head of Department is ex officio Federal Minister of Blooming Landscapes, Daniel Theiler. Twenty-eight years after the reunification, the work illuminates the current situation of East Germany today. What achievements have been made, what problems and disappointments are (still) there? At the Ministry, more than ten of Theiler’s works dealing with these questions are on display.
Photos: Rouven Faust