Clubhouse Auwald, 2017
Cafeteria Design for the Siemens Betriebskrankenkasse (SBK)
Photos: Rouven Faust
The new cafeteria creates spaces that contribute to the employees satisfaction. Together with the employees, wishes and ideas for the new cafeteria were developed and included in the design. The cafeteria is designed according to the principles ideals and values of the health insurance company. It promotes the well-being of employees by creating areas with different qualities for interactions and activities.
The design uses the image of a clubhouse in a Leipzig allotment that stands for community and exchange. Allotment gardens have been invented in Leipzig on the basis of the “Schreber movement”  founded by Moritz Schreber in the 19. century. The cafeteria design transforms the kitchen into a bar area and increases its presence in the room: The monolithic wooden box is the centerpiece of the cafeteria. In addition to its function as a coffee counter, it can be used as a serving bar and buffet during company functions. The cafeteria has three different zones offering different functions and qualities: the dining area, the bar and the lounge. The dining area is dominated by a wood-paneled wall, which in its vertical orientation represents an abstraction of the dense trees in the Leipziger forests and gives the space a natural, pleasant character. The paneling extends from the dining area to the lounge creating a harmonious flow of space. In addition, the acoustically active wood paneling ensures a pleasant room acoustics by reducing the reverberation time. The existing carpet is replaced by a gray linoleum flooring. A new lighting creates differently illuminated zones for eating, working and relaxing. Natural materials like wood and linoleum and a restrained color scheme ensure a good indoor climate and a high quality of stay.